Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where have I been?

So sorry I've been gone for quite a while.  This little family has been busy.  What have we been doing?? I'm glad you asked:

Trying on new hats.  So far, we haven't found one that she will actually wear.  This is normally what happens when we put a hat on her

We also went swimming for the first time.  She loved the water. And I must say she looked pretty adorable in her swim suite.  Dad wasn't so sure about her wearing it because it was a 2 piece (just wait daddy)

I'm just getting started. She also tried blueberries for the first time, took a bite of  an apple (or more like rubbed her teeth on it,) played with mommy through her crib, and read with daddy like a thousand times.


Some days she just gets tired and has to rest her feet.  We found her sleeping like this =)

This past Sunday was Father's Day. We got him a cake and Jesalyn got to put her hands and feet in it.  The goal was to get a foot and a hand print.  I think it turned out okay:
She might have had a little too much fun with it

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world.

in other news, she is starting to say mamma and pulling herself up on things.  pictures to come.

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