Saturday, December 24, 2011


I've said since the day she was born that Jesalyn was one with lots of character. And by character I mean personality.  She has been a little diva since she popped out of me.  And by "popped' I mean made me labor for 15 hours straight in not so fun pain. 

But as she is getting older, she is really coming into her personality.  This kid is hillarious.  She makes us laugh every single day.  I've caught her on more than one occassion making faces in the mirror just for fun.   So, the other night we were laying in bed (Yes, she still sleeps with us.  Throw the rocks, I know it's not good, but we miss her too much when she's in her own bed) trying to get her to fall asleep.  I'm half asleep myself and I hear her breathing kind of funny.

Jesalyn: *breathing* pause *breathing*

Me:  Jesalyn, what are you doing?  Breath right.  Is something wrong?

Jesalyn:  hahahah.

Me:  What's so funny?

Jesalyn:  I picka nose.  hahahah

Jarrod and I busted up laughing.  Now, know we do not promote nose picking. We give her tissues and talk to her about not spreading germs.  There was just something about the way she said it, and the fact that she laughed first.  Needless to say it took us a bit to fall asleep. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So I've been asked to give a little update on my baby girl.  It is actually perfect timing because I have pictures on my camera that need to be transferred overAnd they just happen to be mostly of little JP.  I'll make the talking short and just get right to the pictures (the only reason your really here anyway right?)

 This was Thanksgiving morning.  We decided to let daddy sleep in.  Jes and I got dressed and went to Whole Foods to get a few things (and ate a yummy breakfast.  Sorry daddy, you snooze you lose.)

Here she is helping me make the crust for the sweet potato pie.  Yes, I know it's a square pan.  Whoever said pie had to be round??  Let's think outside of the box here people.

Waiting for daddy to get the strawberries ready so that she can help him clean them and cover them in chocolate.  Is this not the cutest smile in the world?

Here she is looking at the strawberry and saying "I like it!"  She is talking so much right now.  I'm talking full on sentences.  But more on that later. 

Helping daddy wash the strawberries.

So I made a broccoli casserole.  First time in my life I have bought Velveeta cheese (I accidentally bought the queso kind if your wondering why it's white and not the fake yellow kind.)   Here she is being silly, with a little help from daddy.  She is holding blocks of psuedo  cheese saying the word "cheese."

Then next set of pictures is the night we put up the Christmas tree.  I just realized I didn't take a picture of the finished project.  I might just have to do that. 

So, I decided to start a tradition this year of making homemade hot chocolate while decorating the tree.  I couldn't drink it because it turned out waaaaay too sweet.  Jarrod and Jesalyn, on the other hand, had no problem drinking it.

Merry Christmas!!!!

...and yes, I realize that Jes was on the counter barefoot while helping me cook.  If you are a germaphobe please note that the food did not go out or leave the house.