Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cannoli Cravings....

So the number two question everyone asks me (second to when can I see a baby bump) is "have you had any weird cravings?" I wouldn't say that I've had weird cravings, but I have noticed times that if I didn't eat a certain food and that exact moment I just might drop kick someone in the face =) The first time I experienced this was about week 5. All day at work all I could think about was a McDonald's cheeseburger. Now this is funny on another level, because prior to pregnancy I was not a meat eater, couldn't stand it. But this particular day that is the only thing that I could think about. I got off work and drove, mouth literally salivating, directly to McDonald's only to find a line out to the road! I thought I would die. You mean I have to wait in this line for 7 min.? Clearly they don't know they're is a pregnant women in this drive-thru! I finally got to the speaker and ended up leaving with a double...ate the whole thing in about..oh 60 seconds. And man was it good! A couple of weeks ago it was Pizza Hut boneless chicken wings. The cravings are weird. I have to have what I want right now, but then after I eat it I don't want to look at it or especially smell it ever again. Haven't eaten a cheeseburger or wings since.
For the past three weeks I have been craving cannoli's, this heavenly of an Italian dessert. I have called and went to every bakery in Columbia and there are no cannoli's in this town. I even looked for just the shells (I'm a baker, I can make the filling,)... nothing! How can one town be completely void of an entire food?!?! Well, Jarrod and I went home this past weekend and on our way back to Missouri stopped over by St. Louis and found a Dierberg's. Maybe, just maybe they would have this dessert and put me out of my misery. Bakery had nothing, but the lady told me they had the shells in Isle 3. God Bless you Isle 3!!!!!! So, needless to say I fixed me up some cannoli's last night and man were they delish!!

in other news. "baby bump" is slowly growing... maybe more to the cravings mentioned above rather than the little person growing =) Not big enough for pictures, but I'll get them up soon.

...thanks for reading....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Can I have your name please...?

So, month three has started out interesting. One of my best friends on this planet, E is her name, came to visit this weekend. I noticed that all weekend crazy stuff was coming out of my mouth. Not gibberish or anything, but just stuff that didn't make sense. I would think one thing and the exact opposite would come out. Or a sentence that had the verb in the noun spot and a noun in the verb spot would somehow come out of my mouth. I just could not talk. Well, after a long day of browsing, with a little bit of shopping, we decided to stop for some coffee ( I had decaf.) I was placing my order with the cashier lady at Kaldi's. So that she could call my order out when it was done she said "can I have your name please?" Now, that is a simple question right? I mean, I've had the same name for almost 27 years now. I just kind of stared at her for a moment. I'm sure this moment was only a couple of seconds, but it felt like several minutes. I don't know if I couldn't think of my name or I was just drifted off somewhere else. Eventually I responded. Yes, you can have my name, it's Jamie. She was nice, but I definitely heard a chuckle come out of her.
So, I hear that stuff like this happens when your pregnant. Losing things, forgetting stuff.
This pregnancy is gonna be fun. I can already tell it!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rumors are True...

What? You haven't heard the news yet?? Then that means the few people I've told have kept the secret. Thanks. But it's time to spill the beans......We're having a baby!! Yep, its really real. I didn't believe it was so until the first doctors appointment (yesterday.) Well, i knew it was real due to the 3 pregnancy tests I took, but it didn't sink in until yesterday. Jarrod and I got to see the heartbeat. That was the craziest thing in the world. I just wanted to reach out and touch the TV screen.
So, I'm 8wks 6days along and my due date is October 17th. The first 7 weeks were easy. I wasn't sick or anything, just really tired. I remember thinking: This is pregnancy? Man, this is easy... and then week 8 hit. The queasiness has started. Its not as bad as some people (God bless you mothers out there that had it rough,) but if I don't eat every 3 hours I definitely feel it.
So that's the news. It seems to be the case that whenever you have a baby, you have to start a blog, so here I am. Hopefully those of you that I love out there that I can't see every day can stay connected through this. I'm gonna try to posts to some pictures later. No baby bump yet, but oh I'm sure it'll come =)