Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tent Living

When I was little, my sister and I would play outside in our front yard.  Some kids played hide and seek.  Others would play house. But not us. We made mud pies.  You know the ones.  Where you find a patch of dirt and get it completely soaked with water and just go to town.  Mom would let us use her pie pans or buy us our own (the disposable tin type) and we would play for hours. 

But as we got older, we took our creativity inside. We built, and I would say...back me up here Janel...mastered the art of tent making.  It started out with 4 chairs and a blanket.  We'd space the chairs a few feet a part and drape the blanket over them, creating an indoor tent.  The more we did this, the bigger our "tent" would get.  I'm sure there were days when mom or dad wondered where all the furniture and blankets in the house went.  Some nights, we would even make a bed on the floor under our tent and sleep there overnight.  So when Jarrod told me the other day he was going to make a fort (his version of my "tent") with Jesalyn, you know I was pumped!  The following are pictures of her first tent making. BTW, she loved it!!

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