Friday, March 19, 2010

A day at the mall

So yesterday after I got out of a doctor's appointment, we decided to take advantage of my half day off of work and enjoy the weather.  What better way to do that than going to the mall!  We bought a smaller stroller (we didn't want to take the jogging one, plus the first time we used it we found out the tires were flat.  Seriously?  Brand new stroller...flat tires...not cool.)  Anyway, we weren't sure if she was big enough for it, because it sits up kind of vertical but we thought we would give it a try anyway.  Jesalyn loved it!  I think she enjoyed all the people and action going on.  Plus, what girl doesn't like to shop a little =)

We stopped in at Target and you know I had to look at the clothes.  We found the most adorable dress for Easter:
  I tried it on her and it's way too big in the top.  She has such tiny shoulders.  I'm going to try and see if they have a smaller size tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  It's just too cute for her not to wear it.

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