Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Cereal

After talking with our doctor, we decided it was time for Jesalyn to try her first bit of cereal last night. Enjoy!

Mommy let me chew on the spoon while I was waiting for daddy to make my food

First bite (notice the un-messy bib) I loved it!

"Don't be stingy dad!  Get in my mouth" 

 "Not fast enough.  Let me help you"

"Never-mind, I'll just do it myself"


Needless to say, she loved the cereal.  We couldn't get in her mouth fast enough.  She cried every time we took the spoon to the bowl to get more. At one point, Jarrod put the spoon in her mouth and she used her fingers to scoop the cereal into her mouth faster.  So funny.  So I guess it was hit.   My little girl is growing up =)

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