Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Very Own Wolverine

Last night we had a minor disaster in the apartment.  At least I qualify it as a disaster.  So, we're moving right? Well, last weekend Jarrod and I got a good jump on the packing. Yes, I get very nervous and tense when I have a deadline to meet, and I may or may not get really grumpy and pushy. So, we got some boxes and started loading up things from the walls and the dishes we don't use, etc.  We felt very accomplished to get as much done as we did.  Now, because I am the way I am, I'm still like "don't get all excited yet, we still have soooo much to do!"  Because I know I'm...ahem...not very nice.... when stressed, I decided to continue the packing during the week by myself in hopes that Jarrod would see what I was doing and want to help. Now to the disaster. 

Gen wo lai (which is "come with me" in mandarin. This translation brought to you by "Ni Hao Kai Lan" which is one of Jesa's cartoons) as I tell you the story.  So, I'm in Jesalyn's room right? I'm taking down all the pictures and such off her walls.  Well, there is this tin "thingamajig" with a cute saying on her wall that I can't reach because I'm super short. Instead of calling Jarrod in there to get it down for me, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I'm an independent woman right? Well, I got the tin down, but probably not in the best way possible.  I didn't feel like dragging a chair from the other room in there so I took one of her books and ever so gently pushed up on the tin to take it off of the nails and it fell, landing on a shelf underneath it.  This shelf was obviously not hung very well, because when the tin (not weighing even a half a pound) fell on the shelf, the shelf came tumbling down.  I had already emptied the shelf, and it didn't break. That's not the issue. The issue is what the shelf fell on. I had just cleaned off one of her tables and moved her lamp onto her dresser. This dresser happened to be right under the shelf.  This lamp also happened to have an energy efficient light bulb in it.  The lamp fell to the floor and light bulb shattered!.  My mind immediately went racing back to a show I had watched about these light bulbs. About how much money you can save using them, but if you ever break one, you must be very, very careful because they contain mercury in them.  Something else you should know about me. Not only do I get really tense when stressed, but I get really tense when it comes to anything medical. I'm not bad enough that I would call myself  a hypochondriac, but let's just say when I called my mom and said "I need you to tell me that I'm going to be okay and I'm not going to die," this wasn't the first time. ...lets just say I flipped out a bit. I immediately told Jarrod what happened (who was, of course, completely calm about the whole situation.  I'm so lucky to have him.) Next, I looked up on the internet how to clean up this shattered glass and poison laying in my daughter's room.  If your curious, you can find it hereWe needed some gloves and other things, so I drug my daughter and husband with me to Wal-Mart (plus, I wanted to get everyone out of the poison filled apartment.)  When we got back, Jarrod got himself ready for the clean up.  He could tell I was still pretty tense about the mess so this is how he dressed himself.  

There were no hazmat suits at Wal-Mart so this would have to work.
He nicknamed himself "The Gray Ninja"

  He warned me though that if the mercury seeped itself into his skin, he might possibly turn in to some kind of superhero with super powers.  I told him as long as those super powers involved adamantium (Nerd alert! See below for definition) that would be just fine.  It's a well known fact, that my superhero of choice is Wolverine, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Hugh Jackman plays his character, absolutely nothing!!! =)  So, long story short, we got it cleaned up, after throwing away several blankets that had pieces of the light bulb on it.  The break was next to her crib, but we didn't see anything that landed on it.  I'm still tempted to just toss everything, from crib sheet to bumper pads.   She probably won't be sleeping in there now until after our move now anyway.  

*Adamantium is a virtually indestructible metal alloy that Wolverine has put into his body that makes him super strong

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