Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nashville Bound

As the days are inching closer to "The Big Move" I'm beginning to feel a bit reminiscent on the past year and a half that we've been here in Columbia.  Don't get me wrong, I said reminiscent not sad.  While I admit that Jarrod and I have nicknamed the state Missery instead of Missouri, a lot of good has come out of us living here. (Sidenote: we thought we were being all cool and creative with the nickname until we found out that lots of people use this name.) I've gone over the good of Columbia, so I won't bore you with it again for all of those that stay updated on my blog (thanks by the way) but I will say, it is going to be hard leaving the apartment that we brought Jesalyn home to.  This is the place we got her nursery all ready for the biggest blessing we could ask for.  Picking out the bedding and finding pictures to put in her room, wondering if she would like them.  This has been the only home she knows.  I know she's only 6 months and will probably forget it all, but that's kind of the point.  She won't even remember this place she once called home.  I also wonder how she is going to do sleeping in a new place every night.  I still remember the day we moved into our apartment here.  It was soooo much bigger than the one we lived in in Nashville.  The day we moved in, we stood in the middle of the living room doing twirls, yelling at the top of our lungs "look at how much space we have!"  This was our first home as a family, the place the two of us turned into three.  I don't know that I'll cry but it won't be a complete breeze locking that door for the last time. 
    What will be a breeze though, is driving down I-70 for the last time.  In fact, we might just do a happy dance =) Don't get me started on I-70, don't even get me started.  Jarrod says that it's called 70 because 70 percent of the time, you run into a wreck while driving on it.  He's not kidding either.  I don't know how many times we would leave to head home and be making awesome time only to get caught in bumper to bumper traffic because some crazy St.Louis driver didn't look before he merged lanes (no offense to those of you that live in St. Louis.)  I'll keep this post short, but here are some pictures of the memories we've had in this apartment.

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