Friday, July 2, 2010

My Daughter the Monkey

Yes, I know this is post number two in one day. But hey, when it's there, you gotta go with it.

So as I said previously, Jesalyn has started to pull herself up on things.  There have been several falls and a couple of welps, but nothing crazy (knock on wood.)  But she is such a toughie.  When she falls, she use to look at Jarrod and I to see if she should cry or not and we would always tell her she was okay and she would just keep on going.  Now, she doesn't even look at us to "check."  It's like it doesn't even phase her.  There are times when she gets crawling too fast for her hands and she nose dives into the carpet.  She just gets back up so gracefully and continues on.  The other day I was laying in the floor and she came barreling towards me full speed.  I thought, surely she'll slow down and crawl over me (like she normally does.)  She didn't slow a bit.  Actually, she ran into me so hard she head butted me in the lip, crawled on top of me and over to the other side and kept on going, not even stopping to look at her mother who is holding her lip wondering if it's busted and bleeding. 
She is also trying to crawl over the barriers we have set up for her in the living room (our form of "childproofing.)  Use to, we could put down a pillow and she wouldn't be able to go past it.  We've had to upgrade the pillow to other pieces of furniture.  She's slowing learning how to get past those now.

She got in this, but couldn't figure out how to get out =)

Her very own jungle gym.  This is one of those jumpers that have all the "fun" things for her to play with at the top.  This is a picture of what most babies do with it (and no, this isn't Jesalyn, despite the fact that this baby also doesn't have much hair):

This is my child =):

Gotta love her!!!!   =)

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