Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feria #56

So I did it.  Something I never thought I would do, mainly because I don't have the *pardon my language* balls to do it.  But I got desperate.  I had no choice.  So, I did what anyone in my position would do.  I went to Target, bought a box of color and dyed my own hair.

Let's get this straight.  I have highlighted my hair several times.  Being a natural blond (yes, contrary to popular belief, my hair is naturally blond) you can't really screw up highlights.  You have three options: 1. you don't let the peroxide set long enough and the highlights aren't as bright as you want.  Not that big of a deal.  2. You let the peroxide set too long and the hair turns out a little too bright.  Not great, but still, I'm okay with white hair.  3. The peroxide sets just the right amount of time and your hair turns out perfect.

But with color, oh so many things could go wrong.  I chose a reddish brown color so my biggest fear???  Turning out looking like this guy: 

Which most definitely would turn into this guy on a bad day:

Let me preface this with, I had gotten my hair dyed about 2 months earlier by my stylist and it turned out great, so I wasn't starting with blond hair.  This must be said, because in my opinion no one, I repeat, no one should go from blond to brown (or black or red) on their own.  Please seek professional help for this. 

Anyway my roots were coming in and my sister is getting married in 3 weeks.  I would not be home any time soon so that my hair chica could touch it up.  Yes, I drive 3 hours back "home" each time I get my hair done.  Hey, when you find someone good and affordable, you do not go elsewhere.  

So, Sunday night I sucked it up, put on my big girl panties and decided to take matter into my own hands.

I was so stinkin' scared as the color started to set.  It just kept getting redder and redder.  I thought about cutting the time short.  Just wash it out and deal with the grayish looking roots coming in.  That's the style for some people right??

But since I'm no Shakira I pressed onward.   I think it turned out okay:
"oh yeah, rockin' the red"

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