Saturday, June 13, 2009

Half way there

So, everything they say about the second trimester is true. I've had so much more energy. I've actually been able to keep up my workout routine at the gym, with some minor alterations. I tried jogging, but I got out of breath way to fast and it just felt "wrong," so I went with my gut and I've starting walking on an incline instead. Still lifting weights, I've just lowered the pounds and upped the reps. I've also tried cycling on the stationary bikes. Jarrod has picked up this new exercise, and by the time he's done he has sweat all the way through his shirt, so it's gotta be burning some calories right? I'm doing all this, not to lose weight of course, so far I'm right on track with the amount of weight I'm suppose to gain. But, I know if I stick with the program now, it should help me to shed the baby weight once I have him/her. Plus, I've done this routine for so long now, I can't just sit idle for 9 months (and it helps me to feel better about eating that Snickers bar after lunch =)
Another great thing about the second trimester is that I haven't touched a saltine cracker in about 6 weeks now. No more morning sickness. I didn't even have it that bad, but it was bad enough to remember. And the migraines I use to get once a week has cut back to like once a month.
But with the beauty of the second trimester, comes some pain. My lower back has been hurting pretty bad lately. I think part of it is because I sit at a desk all day at work and that seems to put more pressure on it. I don't know if it's my uterus trying to grow and stretch or if the baby is laying on it. My mom said that when she was pregnant with my sister, she had back pain because my sister wouldn't move from her back. I tried the exercise everyone kept suggesting. The yoga pose where you get on your knees and arch and lower your back. That really seemed to help a bit. I've never had a problem with charlie horses but oh my goodness, did I get one the other day. One in each calf. They hurt so bad. Someone told me it's a sign of potassium deficiency. Guess I need to get some bananas. Jarrod has been the best husband I could possibly need. He rubs my back when its hurting, and the other night when I was screaming out of pain from my calves he came in and rubbed the muscle until it loosened. He's gonna be a great daddy =)
I'm 22 weeks today, and it seems like I still have so much longer to go in my pregnancy. My sister asked me yesterday when I could come home for a baby shower. "I gotta get planning." she said. A baby shower? Isn't that something you do later on? And then it hit me. I'm over half way there. There is so much that has to be done. We've bought the baby bed, but have no idea what we are going to do with the nursery. People keep asking me about daycare. "Have you thought about what daycare you're gonna use?" "Have you started pricing daycare's around you?" "You really should start early." Daycare? I'm just trying to get to my next ultrasound! My next ultrasound: I go Wednesday for the "big one." I'm so excited and so incredibly nervous. As long as the baby cooperates we'll be able to tell if we're having a boy or girl =) But this is also the ultrasound that they look for problems/issues and see if they can notice any obvious deformities (we decided against the genetic tests.) I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm just waiting for Wednesday and waiting to hear those words "everything looks great!" Needless to say, my head has been spinning the past few weeks. But you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything.
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