Sunday, June 7, 2009

"March of the Penquins"

So, I've noticed that I've started doing the "pregnant walk." Not constantly, but there will be times when I catch myself doing it. You've seen it. The woman you see across the store, that if you blink too slowly you might think was a penguin dressed in woman's clothes. So, maybe walk is the wrong word. I believe the correct rhetoric would be waddle. Now, the first time I noticed myself doing it I was suprised. First, because I was actually waddling and second, because it was so dang comfortable. It made me wonder why pregnancy does this to you. And I've narrowed it down to a few things. One, I've noticed that if I sit for too long my lower abdomen almost cramps up so the waddling is mixed with a kind of limp from the pain of putting one foot in front of another. Two, maybe the waddling is almost a natural walk but only looks like a waddle because you have all this weight out front in your stomach that is moving side to side with the motion of your legs. And three, its a well known fact that as you get bigger, you tend to stick you belly out a little more due to the extra weight and plus you want people to know you really are pregnant, not just putting on pounds. This jut of the belly paired with the arch it creates in your lower back also makes you more apt to waddle. So, whether is one or all three, something is starting to make me walk less like a human and more like a penguin. And to top it off, if you know me very well you know I've always walked with my feet slightly pointed out anyway. Maybe I just need to buy the black and white tux and "go with it." Hey, penguins are cute right?? I mean people actually paid money to go to the movies and watch them 'march'....or waddle =)
In other news, my friend Diane tagged my to list "7 things" about myself. I haven't forgotten, I'm just trying to come up with some ideas.

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