Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soy milk, bumbo seats and church.

So, I guess it's been a few weeks since I last wrote.  Things are still pretty crazy in "baby world"  Things are crazy just in general.  Jarrod is still staying at home with Jesa during the days and we are both still glad we made that decision.  He's still looking for evening work.  He was offered a job working 10pm-6am but after discussing it we decided it just wasn't worth it.  He wouldn't get but like 4 hours a sleep a night and that's only if he went to bed as soon as I got home from work.  You have to be in tip top shape to care for our little girl.  She's still pretty fussy, or I guess a lot fussy. She just always seems to be in pain or uncomfortable.  We are wondering if maybe it's still the formula.  But I'm not sure where you go from soy.  We're thinking about making her an appointment just to talk to the doctor and see what she says.  She is still growing. She's finally able to wear her 3 month clothes, or most of them anyway.  Which is good because while I think she's beautiful in anything, the white onesies were just getting boring. 
We are still trying to move, preferably back to Nashville. We've tried Fairfield (where we both grew up,) but there just doesn't seem to be any jobs there. I had an interview for a job in Nashville doing what I'm doing here in MO, but we'll see how that goes.  Nashville is a bit more expensive to live in than Columbia.  All the cards are going to have to fall in place for that to happen.  Fingers crossed. 

 On another note, we bought Jesa a bumbo seat yesterday.  We thought it might help her with her neck muscles.  She can lift her head fine if she's on your shoulder, but you put her on her stomach as she just gets so mad.  The seat is meant to help her sit up by herself so we support her head while she's in it, but she really seems to like it.                 

Last Sunday we decided she was ready for her first church service.  We got her all dressed up, not in a onsie, and headed to church.  She didn't really know what to do at first.  The music was a little loud and she just kind of looked around taking it all in.  I had my hand cupped over her ears to kind of tone it down a bit, but she really liked it.  Jarrod looked at me and said "as soon as this music stops, she is going to start screaming." So I rocked her until she fell asleep and she slept through the preaching.  We told her it was okay, sometimes even the adults fall asleep =) It went to well, I think we are going to try it again this morning.  We had to snap a few pictures to remember the day. This was also the first time she had worn shoes.


Anonymous said...

When Meredith was little she had a lot of stomach issues--gas, constipation, etc. The fussiness stopped when we started her on levsin drops (prescription). She was a new kid.

Jamie said...

Hopefully if we take her to the doctor they can do something to fix it. I would give anything for her to be happy all the time. I'll ask them about the levsin drops. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

She sounds just like Mayli was at first. The doc told us Mayli was dairy allergic and possibly soy allergic too. Have you had her diaper tested? If that is the case you get to get the really expensive formula nutramigen by enfamil or similac has their version too. It is made for babies with colic due to dairy protein allergy...Mayli was a new baby after we got her on that. We have treated it like a dairy/soy allergy, but they usually grow out of it if they don't have it in their system for awhile. Something to think about.
Courtney Milburn

Anonymous said...

I love that little Sugar Bean and I refuse to cross my fingers that you can take her more than 2 hours away! Sorry! :) Her shoes cracked me up!!! Love, Auntie Key <3