Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lets Eat

Let's just get it out...I'm an emotional eater.  It's true and I'm coming to terms with it.  The first step is admitting right?  My official realization of this fact came last week.  If you've been following my life via blog or facebook (as if you have nothing else to do right?) you would know that things have been a bit stressful in the Pruitt household.  Now I'm not sitting here saying "woe is me,"  I know that things could be a lot worse.  I try to thank God each day for everything I have in my life, but I'm just letting y'all know the basis for my madness.  Back to my story... last week in the middle of the crazyiness of trying to decide whether to move to Tennessee or not, I just so happened to have a rough day at work.  I walked through the door to my apartment, walked through the kitchen, opened the freezer, grabbed a bag of french fries and dumped oh about half the bag on a cookie sheet and said, out loud I might add, "I'm going to sit here and eat every single one of these!"  Go ahead and chuckle, I did after I said it, but man all I wanted after a long week was hot, crispy fries with a mound of ketchup.  Now, let me clarify I do not do this every day, thank goodness, but every once in a while is normal right? Right?  Y'all do it to don't you?   And, I do get up and workout at 5:30 in the morning.  Surely that gives me the "right" to have a few pig-out meals??  The other thing I've picked up on about myself is my love for Diet Dr. Pepper.  I must blame this addiction in part to my good friend Keyanna. A few weeks ago she came over to my house with a drink from Sonic (which I'm a sucker for because of their ice) and it just looked so good.  The next day I went and got one, and it's been downhill from there.  Want an example?  For a while there, I would just stop at the gas station and get one, but then I realized I was spending too much money so I sprang for the 12 pack of soda. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that since I was drinking so much of it, it would just be cheaper to buy a 24 pack.  This is the first 24 pack of soda I've ever bought. I tell myself it's diet, so it's "not bad" which I know is crap!  But after a long, rough morning, or even a great morning, I always reach for that soda at lunchtime.  I'm just not ready to give up the addiction right now =)   For the most part, I'm a pretty healthy eater, but man there are times when I just have to give in.  Please tell me I'm not alone. 

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Anna said...

I lovveee Diet Dr. Pepper too! It's ok to have a couple of "bad" meals each week, especially if you're working out. That way you won't plateau in your weight right??