Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your only one once!

What a crazy and fun weekend it's been.  The family is gone and my house looks like a tornado just blew through it.  As a matter of fact, I should be cleaning it all up, but instead I'm going to post a new blog.  =)
So, yesterday was Jesalyn's first birthday.  I still have to blink sometimes to believe that she is so grown up.  Who is this little girl getting into my pots and pans all by herself.  Who is this little girl walking from one side of the room to another?  The past year has flown by way too quickly.  I start to get a little teary eyed if I think about it too much so I'll quickly move on.   Her actually birthday party is next weekend.  My 10 yr high school reunion is next weekend too and we didn't feel like driving home two weekends in a row.  Instead, my mom, Danny and my sister Janel drove down to visit.  It was so nice seeing them.  They were here for 2 days and we packed it full. Take a look for yourself:

 Jesalyn and Grandpa Danny waiting for everyone to get ready so we could leave

By the time everyone was up and ready, it was about 10:30 so we decided to head down to Mad Donnas and get some brunch.  Here she is with daddy trying to decide what to get

 She wanted a menu all to herself.  Yes, this is the wine/liquor list she is looking at.

 I'll preface the next pictures by saying I feel guilty.  I promise I'm not a horrible mom, I just fell for the "all parents do it once" phrase.   But, you gotta admit, it's funny.
...after taking a bite of a lemon...

  Even though she made these faces and I think even gagged once, she kept wanting more.  I only let her do it a couple of times.  There were definitely some people behind her glaring at me.  

Grandpa Danny is a civil war buff. He did reenactments for years. Apparently the Nashville area has lots of war history and sites to see.  So, he took us to Fort Negley

We were on our way home for a nap and passed a consignment store.  You know we had to stop.  I scored these super cute shoes from White House Black Market for $15!!

By the time the naps were done and we had eaten supper it was almost time for the birthday girl to go to bed.  We had a cake, but I didn't want her to get hyped up on sugar right before she laid down. So we postponed it to the next day (today.)  
This morning we got up and ate breakfast at Panera.  My daughter is such a clown.  I'm already anticipating the notes from her teachers telling me that she was disrupting class by sticking erasers in her nose.

I normally don't encourage her to stick food or the remains of food on her head, but this morning I thought "what the heck!"

We stopped at Target and we saw these boots.  There was no discussion.  We bought them

And finally the cake!  She didn't know what to do with it at first (of course that could have been fear, because as soon as we sat her down we all pulled out our cameras and cellphones.)  She looked at us like "what is getting ready to happen?"  She finally figured it out and dug in. We eventually had to take it away from her or she would have ate the entire thing.  *Yes, I know the cake isn't iced. We got too busy the day before to do it. Plus, remember she is doing this all again (and officially) next weekend*

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Bonnie James said...

I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. Jesalyn must have you cracking up all the time. She has big things in store for her.