Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One in a million

So I must tell ya'll this story.  It's a tear jerker.

Okay, so maybe not, but it made me cry.  But that's probably because it's about my child and ever since I became a mom I have become the biggest cry baby in the world.  This is your warning so that when you see me, you don't talk about babies growing up, lovey dovey stuff, or about the Cardinals winning the World Series.

 I take that back, talk to me about my redbirds.  I love talking about the redbirds. Did you know they were the wild card with no chance to even getting in the playoffs and then made the biggest comeback ever!  I know, I'm digressing.  Talk to me about baseball, but not about anything sweet or sad or you'll see me tear up.

So, the other night we were laying in bed with Jesalyn. Yes, she still sleeps with us.  Throw the stones, I know it's "not right" and "bad," but we miss her when she is in her bed so for now she stays.  We were laying there telling her good night and kissing her check.  After kissing her, we each told her we loved her.  And then she did the sweetest thing in the world.  I even made and illustration for you below.

She wrapped one arm around my neck and one arm around Jarrod's neck and says: "I love you too guys!"

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