Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frozen in Time

Being a parent is some tough work.  If you have children you know this.  You also might know about the feeling you get when you realize that your child is growing up.  

Why didn't you warn me of this?!?

Every stage we have been through with Jesalyn has been our favorite.  Even the newborn nights when she screamed her little lungs off every. single. night.  Even that was perfect, because somewhere in the night there was this time of utter peacefulness.  After she was fed and her diaper was changed, she would let me rock her to sleep.  At 230 in the morning, when the whole world was sleeping, I was awake (watching World Series Poker) and rocking my sleeping angel in my arms.  She would get all snuggled up on my chest and just dream away.  Yep, pretty perfect.  

And then came the next stage.  Trying to crawl and sit up.  By this point, she was sleeping all night which meant I got to sleep too and we still had our "moments" together during nap times.  It was so fun watching her learn new things and try new foods.  You could literally see her little mind working.  I knew it wouldn't get any better than seeing her take her first few steps by herself.  How did my tiny baby get old enough to walk?

But now, my tiny baby is talking to me.  Making me laugh.  Asking me if I'm okay when I hurt myself.  Cooking me food (fake food, but food nonetheless) and being the best dang mommy to her baby dolls.  

Can I freeze this time?  No, really?  Like, can I just stop her from getting any older and just let her be this age forever and ever??  It makes me tear up to think that in just a few short years she'll be all grown up and mommy and daddy won't be the coolest people in the world to her anymore.  

...until then, I'm gonna soak every single minute of her up.  

 oh yeah, Happy New Year to ya!!

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