Friday, July 17, 2009

27 weeks

So lets just say that I've slowed down in the past couple of weeks. All that energy that I had just 3 weeks ago has pretty much disappeared. I'm not to the point of total exhaustion yet, but I'm so not going to the gym three times a week anymore. Walking up the stairs to my apartment makes me completely out of breath. I've pretty much relied on Jarrod for that mountain of a walk up the 13 stairs we have. It goes something like this: We stand at the bottom of the staircase and I just stare at it for like 2 minutes, preparing myself and body for the journey ahead me. And then we begin. Jarrod goes first and I follow behind. I normally grab the top of his pants while he walks me up, slowly, as I try desperately not to 'shuck' him in front of the entire apartment complex. Once at the top, there is normally another minute or two of pause while I catch my breath. It's all over in about 5 minutes, but let me tell you, that's a really long 5 minutes. On my good days I'll pick up my 5 pound weights and do a few upper body exercises but thats about the extent of my exercise. I was reading on the internet the other day about this woman who ran the Boston marathon at 26 weeks. I wanted to cry. Man, I wish I was that tough. I've always wanted to do marathons and never trained myself hard enough before I got pregnant and here she is doing it at the end of her second off!!!

I've also been somewhat obsessed about the movements I'm feeling from baby girl. I know you're not suppose to technically start doing "fetal kick counts" until 28 weeks, but I'm so worried she's not moving enough. Some days she'll kick up a storm and then other days I hardly feel her at all. Those days she doesn't move much scare me to death. Is this normal? I was having some stomach pain the other day and called the doctor just to make sure it was just stretching and she asked me if I had felt the baby move that day. "It all sounds normal" she says, "but if you have any of of these symptoms, or notice a decrease in movement we'll just have you come into labor and delivery to be put on a monitor." That's the last thing I needed to hear. If y'all have any advice on this, I would love to hear it. I'm 27 weeks tomorrow. What's normal? When should I call?
On a lighter note, while my belly is getting bigger each day, I see no stretch marks yet and I can still shave my legs =) It takes some special manuevering, but those legs are hair free!
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