Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The shrinking town

So I went home this past weekend and every single person I ran into has lost 30 pounds! Okay, so maybe they didn't. Surely an entire town of 5500 couldn't have all lost weight at the exact same time, which just so happens to be the same time that I'm pregnant. Alright, I know everyone didn't lose weight, but it sure felt like it. I've heard many of pregnant women talking about how when they are approaching their last few months of pregnancy, they feel like they balloon up and just get huge. Now, I know I've definitely gotten bigger but I just have never felt huge (not yet anyway). Everyone else just looks really really skinny. I just want to look at them and say "Come on now! Shouldn't you be eating more? Your just all skin and bones!" And then I tell myself "Jamie, these people, all these people, are not underweight anorexic's. They are all just fine. You were this size once. But, right now your carrying a child inside your belly. A growing human being that is relying on you for substance and health. Once you birth this child from your own body, you will be smaller too, and hopefully one day not too far away, you'll be their size again."
Yes, I have to give myself pep talks sometimes because while my mind messes with me every once in a while, I do have a bit of common sense it's cheaper than hiring a therapist. =)
So, if you haven't heard, I went in for my glucose test last week and failed! =/ Yep, so now I'm a big 'ol mess. I have to go in next Wednesday to take the 3hour test. I've hear so many bad things about this 3hour test. I'm just praying I can keep the icky glucose down and that the pricks of the needle from drawing my blood 4 TIMES doesn't hurt too bad. Did I mention I'm a mess. The nurse didn't tell me to do anything different until the next test, but if you know me I'm a planner. I'm already looking up what I can and can't eat for gestational diabetes. I mean, if I end up having this, I don't want to go a whole week and chance doing any harm to me or more importantly baby sug. But, most of the websites say to talk with your doctor for the best diet for you. So, I'm just doing my best to stay away from as much sugar and simple carbs as possible until I can hear some results. And yes, this means giving up my ice cream & oreos's. Oh, the horror! I'm looking on the bright side though. This is forcing me to be healthier and even if I don't end up with it, I might just stick to this healthier diet.......with a bowl of ice cream every now and then ;)

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