Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not Pregnancy Related

So, this post has nothing to do with the pregnancy but I just had to put it on here. We went to a wedding this past weekend in Chicago. It was a beautiful wedding and I really enjoyed visiting Chi-town. I got to go to two of my favorite places in Chicago, IKEA and Caribou Coffee. Best coffee ever...even in the decaf version.
Today's post stems from the funniest thing I saw all weekend. We were at the reception for the wedding. Jarrod, my sister, and I were all sitting at one of the tables watching all the dancers get their groove on. The DJ was playing a complete random mix of music (mostly all requests). For example, he went from "Mustang Sally" to the Chicken dance song (seriously, that song needs to be banned from all speakers). Well, the song "I kissed a girl" came on. At this point, most of the 'older' adults left the dance floor and the younger crowd came up to dance. All of a sudden Jarrod bursts out laughing. I asked him what was so funny and he just said "turn around." I look across the room and sitting at one of the tables is a white-headed man somewhere, in his 60's-70's singing the song. Now, I'm not talking about just bouncing his head to the beat, he knew every single word, chorus and verse! I mean, it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if he had gotten up and joined the rest of the 'youngin's" on the dance floor. We wanted to get a video but there was just no sly way of doing it, but I guarantee you would have laughed right along with us.

i said no pregnancy news, but I took my 3hour glucose test this morning (not fun!). I post the results when I hear them.

...thanks for reading...

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Anonymous said...

You're GLOWING in this picture Jamie!!!!!! You're getting so close! I cannot wait to meet her! Auntie Key is going to spoil her so bad!!!! <3 Keyanna