Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, I went in to my doctors appointment today, planning for a normal visit. I figured he would check my cervix and tell me that I've dilated a centimeter and to keep an eye out for any labor symptoms. That's not at all what happened. I had my doctors appointment with the diabetes doctor first and everything seemed to be going good until the checked her weight. 5pds 9oz; that's in the 10th percentile. This worried me. I knew she was small, but that's just too small. The doctor said that yes, it was very small but all the other things checked out: amniotic fluid, heartbeat, and they even checked the umbilical chord to make sure it was doing it's job and that was fine. But, he told me to go ahead to my regular doctors appointment (scheduled right after this one) and he would talk to me about everything else.
He did check my cervix and kept saying "you have a very favorable cervix right now." I had no clue what this meant, so I had him explain. Basically he said that it's softening up and that I'm 2-3 cent. dilated already. Also, he said the baby is pretty far down so everything seems to point to being ready for labor.
I asked him about the weight of baby sug and he said he's glad that everything else seems to be good, but that they are not sure why she isn't gaining much weight. "So, we are going to have you come in Friday morning and start you on some pitocin." This maybe me do a double take. Is he saying what I think he's saying? "And then what?" I asked him. "And then, I'll probably break your water, stop the pitocin and see what you body will do on it's on." Again, I'm thinking, this sounds like what I'm thinking, but why won't he just say it. Make it completely clear for me. So I said "So, your saying Friday is the day. Like, if I needed to call me family to come, it would be Friday?" He verified that yes, Friday is the day. So, yeah, I'm being induced on Friday at 6:00am He said the reason they are going to this before my due date is because if I keep going and she doesn't gain any weight, the amniotic fluid could start decreasing (I'm not sure why this is) and there's a chance that I could have to have an emergency c-section, which I don't not want. When he checked my cervix, he said he did something to move things along so I guess there's a chance I could still go on my own today or tomorrow, but regardless I'll have a baby by this weekend.
I'm getting pretty nervous. I'm excited too. I'm so ready to hold her and see her, but goodness gracious it's about to happen! Ready or not =)

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