Thursday, October 1, 2009

Labor signs?

Well, tomorrow is my last day of work and let me say I've got some mixed emotions about it. I've got two weeks of vacation and then, hopefully, my baby girl will be here. My initial reaction is super excitement. I've been counting down the days that I get to leave for a while and just relax without having to worry about all that my job requires from me. But on other hand I know myself and I know that for the first 3 days I will be cleaning and getting all the laundry finished up, the next day I'll probably just relax and do nothing, but then, after that...the next however many days until the baby comes I will just be walking around the house trying to find or think of something to do. I don't do "nothing" very good. I have to be busy or I go crazy. I know I should be resting and getting caught up on my sleep, but I don't do "napping" well either. I'll lay down, completely exhausted but my mind races until I just have to get up. I've thought about cooking some things up to freeze for after the baby comes. First thing on the list.....muffins! Oh my goodness, carb-loaded muffins just sound so good right now...chocolate chip, pumpkin, orange, oatmeal, coffee.... just give me the carbs and no one gets hurt =) Honestly, the diet is a pretty good diet. I'll probably stick to it some after I deliver, with a cheat day here and there. Of course I mean after the 2 week binge of eating everything that I've been craving. I probably gain double the weight I've already gained just from the junk food =) But then, I'll get back on track . Speaking of the diet, I stepped on the scale at my last appointment and guess what? Yep, I have lost more weight! Another 5 pounds. Again I asked the doctor about this, and he's not worried. "Cutting carbs from your diet will actually make your body eat up any extra fat that your carrying" is basically what he said. "As long as your eating healthy and the baby is growing, I'm not worried." Now, there are a few things that I will change in this diet once I deliver. I will probably cut back from some of the meat I'm eating (haven't decided if I'll go full-veg again). I know that while some things are low carb, they are still unhealthy. The other thing I will do is incorporate alot more fruit into my diet. Fruit, which is healthy for you, apparently has alot of carbs in them, so much so that I can't eat a whole apple now without it raising my blood sugar.

As for the pregnancy symptoms, I've been doing okay. There's been a couple of times where Jarrod and I have started timing the contractions. I've been getting quite a few of them, mostly at night. Last night there were a few really bad ones, ones that radiated down to my lower abdomen. In the past, they have stayed primarily in the upper abdomen so this was a new symptom and a couple of them hurt whereas the ones I usually get didn't. The other main symptom that I've been having is I feel like, pardon the descriptiveness here, my pelvic bones are splitting open. I know this is normal, and a good sign that she is starting to drop, but man if I sit down for more than 5 minutes I can't walk at all. I'm talking a slug would beat me in a race. My coworkers laugh at me when I get up to use the restroom at work because I'm sure my walk looks like a waddle amped up on steroids. All this to say, I can tell my body is starting to prepare itself for delivering this baby girl, which is a bit nerve racking, but also pretty exciting.
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