Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Funny

We’ve been doing this whole daycare thing for a little over a month now and I can honestly say it has not been boring.  Little Miss Jesalyn has picked up on some….let’s call them… habits.   Some good and some not so good.  Luckily, the good has outweighed the bad, so far.

Jesalyn has started talking so much more.  She is constantly saying something.  Funny story; the other day I finished changing her diaper and was just sitting on the floor with her watching something on the tv. She gets up, runs into the kitchen, and starts saying something over and over.  “Doch, doch, doch”  I acknowledge her: “yes Jesalyn.  Uh huh.”  My response didn’t satisfy her, and she kept repeating it. Finally, I get up and go in there to see if I can understand what she means.  She had her diaper in her hand and was pointing at the cabinet where we keep the trash.  She was saying “trash.” As in “um mom, you lazy butt, don’t you know you’re supposed to do something with my diaper besides leave it on the floor!” So, I opened the door and she threw the diaper away. This has become a new thing now.  She will scan the entire apartment for paper, run into the kitchen, open the cabinet (she has taught herself how,) throw the paper away and start looking for more.  Hey, at least we have a third person to clean now =)

Another thing that has helped us communicate with her is sign language.  We started it before she went in to daycare and they use it all day while she is there. Some of the signs she knows are: “more,” “please,” “pretty,” “bird,” “all done,” and “food.”  We were working on ‘water’ but recently found out that the sign for water is dangerously close to a not so nice word, so if you are adept in sign language and you think my daughter is cursing at you,  she’s probably just thirsty. 

I caught my daughter stinking her finger up her nose the other day. Thanks daycare….enough said.

So, the other day Jarrod went to pick Jesalyn up and we both like to look into the room before we go in and get a glimpse of how she interacts with other people when we aren’t around. What he saw was Jesalyn standing with a bouncy ball.  She would throw it in the air, it would fall to floor and roll across the room.  Then, another little boy named Matt who we thinks has a crush on Jesalyn (but do not tell daddy) runs across the room and gets the ball and brings it back to her so that she can throw it back up in the air.  Guess she’s got the boys wrapped around her finger already. 

Yes, Jarrod is a bit, um, sensitive when it comes to Jesalyn and boys.  I asked her the other day if she was going to go to school and play with Matt and Jarrod jumped in “don’t talk to her about Matt! We don’t need to encourage her to play with boys.”  A few days later, I jokingly asked her if she had a boyfriend and I thought he was going to flip out.   He was seriously mad.  Oh man, does he have some fun years ahead.

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