Monday, April 18, 2011

Mayla LeeAnn

So this past Friday morning I was getting ready for work and the phone rang at like 645 in the am.  I looked at Jarrod and said "who in the world would call me this early?" Only, I knew before I picked up who it was. There was only one thing it could be.  My momma was calling to tell me that my not so baby sister was in labor.  Sure enough. She had been up all night long having contractions and they finally decided to take her in.  The doctors confirmed that yes, this was it.  My very first niece was to be born on tax day =)  Jarrod and I each took a half day off from work and I kicked. butt. getting to Mount Vernon, praying that I would make it before she delivered.  We walked into the hospital and Mayla LeeAnn Massie was born not even 10 min. later.  My sister had a rough delivery; issues with the epidural, but she is one tough momma and got through it.  I'm so proud of her!!  And now, for what your waiting for. Aunt Jamie took lots of pictures! Here are just a few:

I have to point out that I picked out this outfit.  Look at the cute flower on the butt!!!

And what was my daughter doing this weekend while everyone was making goo goo eyes at Mayla?????

Crawling on the floor! 


Susan V said...

Oh Jamie, Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. Laura looks so happy, and now your Mom has two beautiful little angels to spoil. I love all of your pictures.

Jamie said...

No problem. I'd share pictures of my beautiful niece anytime! Laura is doing such an amazing job. Good to hear from you!!!!