Friday, May 13, 2011

Bye Bye Bubbles

Jesalyn has a double ear infection....again!  I am soooo over ear infections!  I think this is the third one she has had this year, and it's only May.  And because we are lucky, (please note the sarcasm) accompanying this double ear infection is a whole mess of allergies.  Gotta love Tennessee.  In the top 10 worst cities for spring allergies, two of the cities are in Tennessee. I'll repeat that. Out of the 19,354 cities in the USA to choose from (I didn't just make that number up. Google it,) two of the ten were from Tennessee!!!   So for the past two days we've just been wiping away snot every 5 minutes.  The doctor recommended giving her some allergy medicine to help relieve some of the symptoms because she looked and felt absolutely miserable today.  She took her fist half dose tonight. Half since she is not quite two yet.  Here's praying that it works and she gets some relief.

 So where does the title of blog fit into all of this??  I bet you never thought you could say "that's disgusting!" and "aww, that's adorable."  both in the same sentence.  Try this one.
 The last time Jesalyn got sick, oh about 3 weeks ago, she was running around playing and she came up to me and had this snot bubble hanging out of her nose. I'm talking a good dime size bubble, just hanging there. At the time, I didn't realize you could actually make bubbles with the snot in your nose so I started laughing.  "Jesalyn you have a bubble in your nose!"  She thought it was funny and started laughing too as I quickly wiped it away.  The next time her nose started running, she came up to me, pointed to her nose and says "bubbo, bubbo"  From that day on, snot has been called bubble =)
Makes you look at them a whole different way now huh?

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