Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nigh Nigh

Something else that daycare has helped Jesalyn learn is how to use her imagination.  Before she started going, the only time she would play would be if Jarrod or I were playing with her.  She has all these toys in her room and would only go in there if we went in with her.  She would bring her stuffed animals to us and want us to play with her, but would never play on her own.
Since going to daycare, she has been doing this thing with her animals (babies.)  I don't know if she is "playing school" or what, but it's stinkin' adorable.  She gets every single stuffed doll/animal/toy that she has, brings them all in the living room, and lays them on their stomach.  And then, she finds any blanket, dishtowel, and wash cloth that she can find and covers them up, pats their back and says "nigh" "nigh"


One night she pulled Jarrod down in the floor and made him go "nigh, nigh" too.

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