Sunday, September 27, 2009

Full Term & Full of Questions

I am now 37 weeks along which is considered "full term" according to doctor speak.  What this means is that if I go into labor at any point, they will not try to stop it.  Although my doctors, both of them, have said that 40 weeks is where they would like me to be so that baby sug gets as much growing and developing done as she can.  I've got one week of work left and then it's vacation time until I go on maternity leave.  Crazy!
With all this racing up on me, I've got so many things going through my head.

-Am I strong enough to do this "labor thing" without an epidural? My momma did it, but she's one tough woman.  I mean really, she split her leg open all the way to the bone with a knife once and put 2 band-aids on it and kept working.
-Am I strong enough to do this "labor thing" at all, even with an epidural?
-Will I feel like I've failed if I take an epidural?
-How hard is breastfeeding really going to be?
-Daycare!  Oh my goodness, daycare!  How stinkin' expensive I'm finding it to be.  Should one of us just stay home with her?  Can we afford that? Can we afford day care?  How do I feel about some stranger being responsible for my baby?
-Who's she gonna look like?  What kind of personality will she have? 
-What are we going to name her?  Seriously.  What are we going to name her?

Those are just a few of the things swimming around in my head. 
At last weeks doctor's appointment, during the ultrasound, we got to see more hair on baby sug.  According the lab tech, she has lots of it and she said its pretty long.  Guess I need to get out and buy some bows huh?
As anxious as I'm getting about meeting this little girl, there is a part of me that kind of wishes she could just stay in there forever, safe from the world.  I've been brought to tears twice this week by feeling her moving around, almost playing with her. I'll put my hand on my stomach and feel her leg or foot and then she'll move it away and bring it back.  Jarrod and I already love her so much, I just can't imagine what it's going to be like when she finally gets here.

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Anonymous said...

My comment on the epidural....the end result is the same--you still end up with a baby!
Mainda Heuring

Anonymous said...

Since I don't have a baby of my own, you know I do not know most of these answers- but I know that you are very strong and you are going to be an AMAZING MOMMY to this little girl. I cannot wait to see this addition to the Pruitt family and give her lots and lots of Auntie Key snuggles and love!!!!! I love you guys so very much. And I am praying for all three of you! <3 Keyanna

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that an epidural is GREAT! It was definitely the way to go for me. Just do what is comfortable for you. I know that what ever you decide to do, you and Jarrod are going to be great parents! Can't wait to me Baby Sug!