Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dining Room Table Discussions: Kids or no kids

If you have spent any amount of time at our house, you know that somehow at some point, the night will end up in some deep discussion normally sitting around the dining room table.  Most of the time, it is theological based, but it could range anywhere from the newest movie out to "if aliens invaded planet earth, would they succeed in taking us over 100% of time."  Believe me, that last topic gets very heated and very winded (am I right Keyanna?!)   My husband, while typically quiet, is an internal thinker.  I, on the hand, like to to talk and discuss.  So, when he has something that has bothered/intrigued/interested him enough to verbalize it, I'm normally all over it.  And when we have company, it turns into a nice, healthy, debate.

There are times when we don't have company and we get to to "discussing" something in the news.  He is always very passionate about his side and how he feels.  I tend to play devils advocate and try to look at all sides of the story.  Two nights ago, we started talking about this restaurant owner in Pennsylvania that is banning children under the age of 6 in his restaurant.  When I first heard this story my thoughts were "what? As I mother I don't like that, but I guess I can see how some kids can be annoying to others.  If I were not a mother, I guess I could probably appreciate a restaurant with no crying babies."   I come home from work and my husband brings it up.  "Did you hear about this restaurant that is banning kids?"  I told him yes, and ask him what his thoughts are.  He had some very good points.  It doesn't matter if kids are loud and messy.  They are still people.  How is this not considered discrimination and illegal?  You can not ban different religions or races.  How would the senior citizens of the world feel if a restaurant banned  anyone over the age of 70, because they wanted to appeal to a younger crowd?

  I did a bit of research and it seems that there is a law that prohibits a business to discriminate against senior citizens.  How is this fair?  Why don't our children get the same rights as everyone else?  Yes, I know that babies and young kids can be loud and make messes.  But what about the 90 year old who has his hearing aid turned down and has to yell across the table?  Or the group of college students drinking  too much at the bar? I guarantee you, you don't have to be under six to be loud or annoying.  What will the owner do then?  Start picking and choosing what people he will allow in???

I'm welcoming you to my virtual dining room table:
What do you think?   Is this a good idea?  Is it discriminating?  Would you eat there?


*Keyk* said...

#1 Yes, you are right :)
#2 O.M.G. I am about to buy a plane ticket to Nashville so that Jarrod and I can build out case and then head to PA (With Jesa-Bug in tow!) to give these people 2 very large pieces of our minds!!!!!! I am counting on you to be the voice of reason, and not let us do that, since you're the Mom. I don't even have words. These people make me sick. If you want to 'ban' people then become a 21 and over bar. That's about your only option and that is the way that is should be. You're going to deny service to my INNOCENT child?!?!? I dare someone to try and pull this in Columbia, Missouri! I will be there with my 2 Bugs in tow faster than Jarrod's supposed aliens would have taken over this planet (I had to!). I mean realllllyyyy?!?!? I just have no words. What next? You don't want pregnant ladies because they might give birth? This is just discrimination. Period. And it disgusts me at the core level of my being. AHHH! I better go pack to come to your house! <3

Jamie said...

I love your passion Key. Maybe even more so than my husbands. Yes, pack your clothes, get on down here so we can iron this out and take some action! If you two get too carried away, I'll step in, but for now I say "lets do this"