Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tex Mex Quesadilla

 This is by far the best quesadilla I've eaten.  What's better is that I just threw the ingredients together one night.  Who would have thought that it would turn out so delicious.  I think it's the combination of textures with the chicken and the beans.

Cook the chicken on the stove

 With two forks, shred the chicken

Add scallion, garlic, salt and pepper

I was never much of a Rotel fan until now

Add the entire can to the chicken once cooked

In a separate bowl, mash beans up with a fork

Add garlic powder and cumin. You might have to add a dab or two of water to make the beans spreadable.

Lightly oil a clean skillet

Start layering your toritlla
With a spoon, spread a layer of bean mixture on the bottom tortilla

Add cheese.  I used pepper jack here

and then the chicken/rotel mixture

More cheese (mozzarella here)

and top it with another tortilla.

cook until both sides are nice and brown

 Throw in some sour cream and a glass of ice tea and you've got yourself a meal!

1 package of chicken ( I think mine was about 1pd)
1 scallion
2 good sized cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste
1 can of Rotel, drained
 1 can of black bean, washed and drained
1-2 tsp of cumin (adjust to taste)
1/2 tsp of garlic powder 
2 tortillas
cheese of your choice
Dice chicken and cook in an oiled skillet on the stove.  Once cooked, shred chicken
Mince scallion and garlic and add to cooked chicken (Do not overcook the garlic.  If it starts to turn brown, take off the heat.)
Add can of Rotel
In a separate bowl, mash beans.  Add cumin and garlic powder.
Assemble quesadilla and cook on the stove until golden brown.

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