Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nothing but a little knowledge

I got nothing fabulous for ya this morning.  But oh just you hang on.  I've got a few recipe rolling around in my head to try out very soon.  One, is a request from one of my kind of, sort of friends from high school turned, could be best buds if we lived in the same town  fabulous readers.  That recipe takes a couple of days off from work, laundry, and a screaming child to do, but I never turn down a challenge so it. will. get. done!    And, and this is a very fun AND, my mom is coming to visit this weekend so the hubs and I can go out on a date (I think I remember what that is.)  Since my mom was the very first baker I knew, I'm going to have her help me with a recipe I've wanted to make for a long time, but never had the guts (or time) to try it:  Croissants.  Croissants are time consuming and I hear can be a bit tricky, but I'm gonna tackle it!  Lets do this thing!!!

But that's not until this weekend.  Until then, all I have for you is a word I learned at work yesterday.  I love learning new words....

Per Stirpes:  "Taking by right of representation; the group or class receives by representation and in equal shares what their deceased parent would have been entitled to receive.

 The common usage in wills and trusts is "to my then living descendants, per stirpes."

What this language means is that if you have two children and five grandchildren who survive you, then each of your children will receive a 1/2 share and the grandchildren will receive nothing. If, however, one of your children predeceases you and is the parent of three of the grandchildren, then the surviving child will receive a 1/2 share and each grandchild will receive a 1/6 share (in other words, the deceased child's 1/2 share will be divided equally among the three children who have survived the deceased child: 1/2 divided by 3 = 1/6 each).
Contrast this to "per capita," or by head count: "to my then living descendants, per capita." In the above example with two children and five grandchildren who survive you, the children and grandchildren will each receive a 1/7 share, while in the example with one child predeceasing you, the surviving child and grandchildren will each receive a 1/6 share."

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