Wednesday, September 2, 2009

33 weeks, 4 days

Not a whole lot new to report. I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday (not the diabetes one, the other one) and I had lost 5 pounds. He didn't seem to mind. From what both doctors have told me, as long as baby sug is growing and healthy and I'm eating healthy, the weight part doesn't really matter. I tried to tell him that I would gladly give the 5 pounds back if I could just have some real dessert but he didn't buy it. Speaking of dessert, I've tried some low-carb ice cream, not bad but definitely not an Oreo concrete from Andy's. And my "bowl" that I eat it out of is one of those tiny saucer things that you mix oil in for bread dipping. But hey, I'll take what I can get. I also have been trying to experiment with other things. My friend Diane mentioned chocolate chip pumpkin bread the other day and I swear my mouth started drooling (see you all want it now too right?) So I searched and searched. I found a sugar-free, low-carb pumpkin spice cake. Sounds oh so appetizing huh? =) Anyway, I gave it a try and it actually wasn't too bad. Fall is the best time of the year for me and I LOVE anything pumpkin so I might actually make this recipe again.
As for baby sug. She's doing great. Last doctors appointment that they weighed her at (which was last week I think) she weighed 3pd 14oz. He said that was in the 40th percentile with was perfect. Diabetes can cause huge babies so under 50% was fine. Jarrod has been having his talks with her at night. It seriously is one of the cutest things ever. She'll be sleeping or not moving much and he'll stick is mouth on my stomach and start talking or singing to her and she just goes crazy. She actually elbowed(i think it was an elbow) him in the mouth the other day =)
It just doesn't seem real. We finished our last Lamaze class this week, which is just another sign we're getting closer. We've started on the hospital bags, not going crazy or anything but we have a corner where we are starting to slowly collect things. 34 weeks this coming Saturday. In less than 2 months she's gonna be here!
Baby shower was a few weeks okay. Thanks for all of you that were able to come! Here's a picture we took of Jarrod and I.
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Anonymous said...

Oh...I wish I could bring you those muffins when you're in the hospital with her. (Just like how you brought me muffins!) I'll send you the recipe once she's arrived, so you won't be tempted to make them. :) Plus, i want to make them a few more times, tweaking it to see how many ingredients I can swap out to make it healthier. (Apple sauce instead of oil, whole wheat flour instead of white, etc.) There's just no substitute for the chocolate though. Love you! ~Diane

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!
It IS getting very very close.
I am so excited for ya'll!
I cannot wait to see that sweet face, and Jamie and Jarrod- PLEASE let me help out however I can! You all know me well enough to know that I mean it when I offer it. So call me at 2 AM if you gotta. Ask Michael- I will come running! :) Love all three of you... I wonder if maybe we can just call her Sug forever? Everyone seems to like that name!!!!! :) See you soon!