Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Quotes

I don't know if y'all watched the CMA's last night, but being from Nashville, it's kind of a big deal.  And not only do we watch it here, but we all talk/text/facebook/twitter about it while it's going on.  The following are some quotes from last night festivities.

"Why are the CMA's using the Star Trek symbol??"

"Man, Reba's boobs are huge!"

after Taylor Swift's Song "Back to December"
"I understand you're singing the word December over and over but the hook is 'I fell in love with you in the fall' how about some leaves?"

"Only Beyonce can do Beyonce."

"Kid Rock may be born free but he wasn't born Nashville.  They can have him back!"

"I'm over "I need you now" like I'm over Taylor Swift....Soooo over"

"I just cannot change the channel yet because I like seeing all the movie stars."

The names are not added to protect the privacy of the people who said them.   Feel free to add some of your own quotes from last night.

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