Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stress Induced Crazy

If you are friends with me on facebook, you may or may not have seen my post last week about "The Great Remote Control Search" underway in our household.  We've always had a problem, as I'm sure most households do, with keeping our remote control in one place.  It just always seems to turn up missing. I remember one time, about a year after we've been married it turned up lost. I mean, big time lost.  We searched and searched and just couldn't find it.  We ended up going out and buying a new one.  About a year later, I'm not exaggerating on this, I found it laying at the bottom of one of my laundry baskets.  *heres a some insight to one of my vices that not too many people know about.* I hardly ever fold my socks and put them in my drawer.  Because I wear sandals (aka flip flops) pretty much all year round, I never really need socks, except when I'm running and have my running shoes on.  So, I have one laundry basket that is full of random, un-put-together socks.  Underneath all these socks is where I found the remote control after all that time.  

For years, Jarrod has said that we just needed to tie the stinkin' remote down.  That way we will always know where it's at.  Yes, it sounds like a good idea but seriously, who ties their remote control down. We are adults here and that just sounds ridiculous.  Doesn't it?  Well, after last weeks huntdown for the remote control, probably paired with the stress of not finding a job yet and watching Jesabear all week, he finally broke down and did it. I came home from work to this:

 As silly as it is, I always know where the remote is now, and (don't tell him this) but it's kind of nice =)

In other news, Jesalyn has now learned how to climb into her rocking chair in her room.  She is still living up to that monkey name I gave her.  She climbs up into it and rocks for a while, and climbs back down.  I found her in her room the other day just sitting there so proud of herself for what she had done. 

**for those of you wondering, where we ended up finding the remote control last week: it was in the couch, where we had previously looked probably four times. =) **

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