Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food Schmood!

Okay, I’m begging reaching out for help here.  I’ve told you all that Jesalyn is a picky eater.  It’s getting to the point that Jarrod and I don’t know what to even feed here anymore.  Yesterday, all she ate, food wise, was a biscuit with jelly on it and part of a banana.  She munched on gold fish once.  So what did she fill up on?  Milk.  All this child wants is milk.  She won’t eat anything.  I tried giving her some corn, she ate 5 pieces and then spit the rest out.  I tried some of our pasta we ate for supper.  Ate 4 bites and wanted nothing to do with the rest.  She will normally eat bananas but only wanted half yesterday.  Maybe she’s coming down with a cold or something and just isn’t hungry but we are getting desperate.  I need any and all ideas y’all might have fixed for you little ones that they liked to eat.



Courtney Milburn said...

At that age...Mayli loved those plain raveoli meals of toddler finger food at the store. She would gobble those up no problem. Have you tried those?

Jamie said...

No I haven't. I have looked at them though and couldn't decide. I'll have to pick some up and see if she'll eat them. It's so funny. My mom warned me that when she started eating table food, she wouldn't want her baby food anymore (because there's not as much taste) but she loves the baby food. She would eat that all day! =) She has definitely been a baby of surprises.