Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Time

Yes, I know I change my blog design the way I change my hair…all the time. What can I say? I get bored!  Halloween 2010 for us was busy.  I should have taken more pictures to document, but sometimes you just get wrapped up in the fun and forget to take out the camera.  This weekend, one of our friends, Kyle Weber, came to visit.  He came down to do a photo shoot, but stayed with us because you know we’re super cool.  If you haven’t seen Kyle’s work, you must check it out:  He’s totally awesome and affordable too!  He even took some photos of us.  We are horrible parents and haven’t had any “professional” photos done yet, so we were pretty pumped to have some done.  Stay tuned for the finished product. 

Get ready to boo…we didn’t dress Jesalyn up this year.  I know, I know, but we don’t have family around here to show her off to and she’s not old enough to walk around and trick or treat or eat the candy.  So, we saved the money and just didn’t participate this year.  She did have a witch’s hat that she put on to help me pass out candy.  I, on the other hand, did dress up for Halloween, for work anyway.  I went as a 20’s flapper and my coworker went as the mobster.  It was a last minute idea, but I think we pulled it off okay.

On Saturday after work, we went down to the Franklin Pumpkin Festival.  It was fun, but super super packed!!!   Jesalyn tried a homemade donut for the first time.  Oh my goodness people, you should have seen her eyes when the sugar hit her lips.  She actually dived for another bite while Jarrod was holding it when he wasn’t feeding her fast enough.  This girl is her mother’s child I’m afraid.  She loves sugar, and all things carbohydrate.  I guess her dad is the same way. She really had no chance, poor thing. 

Speaking of food. I think I have the pickiest child on the planet.  This whole transitioning into table food has not been easy.  She is a texture girl so she’ll put something in her mouth and if you watch her face, it’s like she likes the flavor but then the texture gets to her and you see the food slowly being spit out of her mouth.  Or she’ll eat two or three bites of something and then all of a sudden, like it magically changes to something else, she decides she doesn’t like it, grabs it out of her mouth and throws it on the floor.    So frustrating.  This is the same girl we find chewing on carpet pieces and usb cords.   Things she does like?  Crackers…of all kinds, graham, gold fish, Ritz, saltines.  Bananas, cheerios, sweet potatoes, and she still eats her baby cereal/oatmeal.  Except now, daddy  puts cinnamon in it.  She is loving some biscuits with jelly on it in the mornings too.  Are you seeing the pattern? Carbs, carbs, and more carbs.  Non carb stuff?  Taco meat, apple sauce, we’ve tried green beans and corn.  Those are both iffy. She has to be in the mood for them.    She’s still drinking a bottle, but there is now milk in it instead of the formula (thank goodness!) 
She still has 8 teeth, but there is a 9th one creeping in on the bottom.  Everything else is pretty much the same.
Here is a picture we took at the festival.  Doesn’t she just crack you up with the glasses and the “sassy” shirt?!

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