Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Day

 If you have read my blog the past 2 years that I've been writing it, I want to say a big thank you. Thank you for listening to me rant about all the woes in my life. Thank you for looking at all my pictures of my adorable and amzing daughter.  Thank you so much, BUT things are about to get crazy up in this joint.  I'm about to do some switching up and rearranging.  I've come to a t-road in my little bloggy life and decided to go in a different direction.  To make things easy and organized, I'll break the new layout into three categories. But first, a little background to all this madness. 

After reading a friend and current blogger's post this past week, it got me to thinking.  Well, it was actually a link that she posted that I clicked on and read their post and….okay fine; my name is Jamie and I have been a blog jumper for about 1 year now.  The first step to recovery is admitting right?  So, anyway, the post posed the question on why we post, tweet, and facebook the things we do.  The author said that if we asked the question “why am I saying this?” before every status, we wouldn’t write half the things we did.  And that got me thinking.  How many people really, honestly care that the people in my household have allergies and are going through rolls and rolls of tissue blowing our nose? Sure it was a way for me to write down my troubles and issues so they didn’t eradicate my mind, but I can do that in a journal or in a Word document.  Why publish it for all to read?    

This brought on some questions. Should I just quit blogging?  Really, there was only about 10-15 people that seemed to check in and read each post.  Would those handful be that disappointed if I stopped (read: Janel, I would totally post more pictures of Jesalyn on facebook. I know you would have withdraws.) Further down my road of contemplation, I went back to another post that the first blogger asked.  “What did you want to be growing up, and what are you doing now?”  Of course, the two for me were decades apart.  Sure, maybe I wanted to be a country music star and that’s a little out of reach for the average person, but I didn’t do anything to work towards that goal growing up.  So the better question for me NOW is “what do I want to be doing, and what am I doing instead?”  My answer to the first part of that question is to open a coffee/bakery shop.  This has been my dream for going on 6 years.  And again, I haven’t done one thing to work towards that goal.  If you have read any of my previous posts, you know finances are pretty tight right now, but that cannot be an excuse any more.  Just because I can’t financially buy a building, doesn’t mean I can’t start somewhere.  I love, love, love to bake, hence the bakery shop part of my goal.  Not, only do I enjoy it, but it seems that people love to eat the things I bake too. And you can't have a bakery shop without lots of good recipe So this brings me to the first part of my new and improved blog.  A big part of it will be me baking, and sharing the recipes with you.

There will be a few basic you’ll need to know.  A mission statement if you will.  Here, let me lay them out for you:

Homemade dessert is the only way to go.

Do not tell me you made something homemade if you used anything "from a box.” Seriously, Sandra Lee?  Semi-homemade should not even be allowed to be a word.  

If a recipe calls for chocolate, 98% of the time, mine will be dark chocolate.  Don’t even pretend white chocolate is chocolate.  I’m very serious about this. I do not kid about my chocolate.  Look it up, even the FDA is schooled on this topic.

I might love to bake, but I will not pretend that I understand the science behind the recipes and this bugs the crap out of me.  I don’t feel like I really accomplished anything by taking someone else’s recipe and making it successfully.  With that said, 98% of my recipes will be someone else’s recipe that I have taken and made hopefully successfully.  I will do everything I can to give those people kudos. 

I will learn the basic science behind certain ingredients and share them with you.  By doing this, I hope to have my own recipes some day that other people will take and make successfully, while giving me the kudos in return.

So, that's part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 coming tomorrow. I can just feel the excitement beaming through the computer. This will be fun.

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