Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three times the charm

Last, but certainly not least of the new layout will be sort of a mishmash.  What that means is this is still my blog and I can put whatever I want to on here, but I’m just giving ya’ll a little forewarning.  While the majority of my posts won’t be about my family, I do still have a family and that includes one adorable, precious little girl that keeps us laughing every single day.  Some days, ya’ll might just need a laugh. Plus, since I put out there that things were changing, I've gotten some backlash that you all want... NEED some Jesalyn.  Never fear, she will be on here.

Other days, I might just need to get something off my chest or need some advice from all you wonderful people out there.  Whatever it is, your comments, tips, funny jokes, and tid bits are always welcomed and desperately wanted.  Do not be shy. Please, speak up.  The way you show me your love is by leaving a comment. It’s the only way I know my words are not being sent out to an empty blogsphere. And most importantly, if you do in fact enjoy the new changes please tell your friends or post about it on your own blog so they can become a blog jumper and jump on over. And just a quick FYI if you notice to the right and down a bit, you will see a section that says follow by email. If ya really really want to put a smile on my face, simply type in your email and press send.  I'll love you long time.  

To satisfy the Jesa appetite:


Bonnie James said...

I totally love the new idea and admire your efforts to do something to achieve your goals. I've loved all the things you've written in the past about cooking and baking, so I'm excited about that. That just reminds me, though, that I once asked for the recipe for the black bean burgers and never got it. Hmmm...... :) I am totally relieved to read that sweet Jesalyn will still be appearing to make me smile.

Jamie said...

So, uh, the black bean recipe did not turn out the way I wanted and there was no way I was going to give you a bum recipe. I'm going to be working on another one. I will be make sure you get it when I find one that works.