Thursday, June 16, 2011

Numero Dos

Part two to this blog is all about being Crunchy.  Have you heard of this word?  I just learned it about a year ago and for some weird, crazy reason absolutely love it.  Here, let me define it for you. Taken directly from the Urban Dictionary:

Used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. Crunchy persons tend to be politically strongly left-leaning and may be additionally but not exclusively categorized as vegetarians, vegans, eco-tarians, conservationists, environmentalists, neo-hippies, tree huggers, nature enthusiasts, etc. 

Now, you might read this and be all like "I would not describe Jamie in this way at all, except for the vegetarian part, but I don't think she's doing that anymore." You would be right, to an extent.  Maybe I'm not full on crunchy. Just a partial crunch (can I re-purpose a made up word??) I have been called a tree-hugger before back when I was a veg. and while I've never actually hugged a tree, I do find them to be an amazing piece of nature.  I am not "left-leaning" in any way.  I guess if I would have to put my thoughts on scale I would be right about

And I’ll be completely honest, I see the importance of taking care of the environment, but I am by no means practicing. Not even a bit. I’ll just lay it out in black and white. Get ready to throw the rocks…I don’t recycle.  I know, I know. It’s not that I don’t want to or don’t think it’s beneficial.  I just haven’t done it. I haven’t found the space for the different trash cans or taken the time to separate my “trash.” I guess I’m just lazy. I’ll say it so you don’t have to.The primary reason I'm into being all natural is it saves me money, and I despise the idea of putting chemicals all over my skin.

Judge me or praise me, it doesn’t really matter.  This isn’t a political blog by any means.  The most important thing is that you follow me.  Why? Because, while you might not agree with me on why to be crunchy, but What I am doing is going to be awesome.  Hopefully together, with natural ingredients not made in a lab, we can be healthier, more glowy (as in your skin!), and save a butt-load of mullah. 

I am attempting to replace all my chemical laden, household items, with natural, good-for-you, crunchy products (again, I just love that word!!!)   Come, attempt with me....


Tara said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new idea!! However, you can't leave Jesalyn totally out:) I used to be a little "crunchy" myself, but have definitely feel off that wagon:(

Hopefully your ideas will inspire me to get back to the "crunchy" life style.

Can't wait to read more of your recipes, thoughts and ideas!

Tara Vaughan

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that you have been reading my stuff. That just makes my little heart melt. Never fear, little Jesabear will be on here (wow, that was a little too much rhyme.)
I'm still new to the whole "crunchy" thing, so if you have any suggestions, PlEaSe feel free to share them. We are all in this together =)