Thursday, February 10, 2011

Insane Week One

Journal of my first insane week!

Day One:  Fit test. Took it. Recorded results.  They weren't too bad, seeing that I'm just starting.  Took my "before" picture (can you say "yuck!!!") and measurements.

Day Two:  I woke up this morning and noticed that my whole body was sore (yes, just from doing the fit test yesterday.) I was so worried I wasn't going to be able to walk, let alone work out but as I got warmed up the muscles loosened and I was able to attempt do the exercises.  I also noticed that my abs were sore too even though I had done absolutely no ab exercises.  I think during this mornings workout, I actually worked out 1/3 of the time. The other 2/3 was me just trying to catch my breath and not pass out.  But I want it to be known that I did finish it.  I wasn't able to lift my arms by the end but I did what I could and didn't give up.  A couple of things I found myself saying;  "This man is crazy!!!"   "There is just no way anyone could do this whole workout!"  "Seriously, this man is nuts!"   I sure hope this gets at least a little easier.

Day Three: *drinking my protein shake*   So this morning I woke up, turned off my alarm clock (noticing that it was still dark outside) and...I kid you not...limped to put on my tennis shoes.  I felt like I had a charlie horse in both of my calves and my upper legs were unbelievably sore. But I told myself that I was just going to do what a could, even if it was 2 minutes of the 40.  Believe it or not, after about 3 min. the pain went away and I was able to dig into it. I was able to do more of the workout this morning. It was more power moves than intense cardio, but still incredibly hard.  Who would of thought that jumping could  I also noticed that while the workout wiped me out, by like 3:oopm I was ready for more.

Day Four:  Over half way there!  Today was Cardio Recovery.  Sure, the cardio was a lot lighter, but it was more like an intense lower body sculpt. I'm still loving it though!  Bring on the next three days!!!
So, it's time to be honest.  Yesterday at about 2:oo I totally crashed. I mean, I was about half asleep at my desk and had a headache and was getting shaky. This could be from alot of things.  I was hungry all day. I ate my mini meals packed with protein but then 10 min. later I was starving.  My metabolism must have been burning. So that could have been some of it. Also, I've been cutting out all the sugar that I was eating...we won't go into the details =)  I took some Motrin and that didn't help.  Finally, after being beyond miserable I ate a tiny little piece of chocolate (or a mini-almond joy--don't hate!) and I instantly felt better.  Sugar withdraw symptoms maybe??

Day Five:  Yesterday I had so much energy, but I felt a little like I was missing something. Yesterday's workout was tough but I missed the cardio. By 2:oo I had felt like I hadn't did anything.  After today's workout, I know why they "went easy" (haha, easy!)  on us. Today's was called "Pure Cardio."   You know you need to be scared when the trainer is nervous for the exercises.

Day Six: I totally made it ya'll.  First week done!!!  This morning was a repeat of Day one and it still I was able to do a little bit more than the first day but whew, I'm pooped!  I think I'm going to enjoy my day of rest tomorrow.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

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