Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clocks and Cookies

So in my car, on my clock is built in this totally annoying really handy reminder that tells you when it's time to get  maintenance done on the vehicle.  For example, when it's time for an oil change the words "change oil" will flash on the clock when I turn on the car and continues to flash until I push a button.  It just so happens that I need an oil change so every morning I see the flashing, reminding me that I still haven't done it.  It also just so happens that I'm out of windshield wiper fluid so after the "change oil" flashes, it goes on to flash "wiper fluid low."  I see this day in and day out.  I know I should just get the stuff changed and filled but I've been a little low on time and moolah lately so I just stare at the flashing words and push the button to make them go away.  Some days I have to laugh because I just see myself getting in my car and turning the keys and watching the clock flash "change oil" and then "low washer fluid" and I'm just waiting for the day to see it flash "car tags expired," "laundry in washer," "school loans earning more interest than what your paying," "windshield wiper broken," "Jarrod's car broken," "jaw is still locked" and on and on and on.  I picture this, and laugh because, well, that's all I can really do.  No, Jarrod has still not found a job yet, despite the 5,325,390 applications that he has turned in.  But we did our taxes and are getting a small chunk of change back so that should hold us for a while.  God is good and is supplying our needs, even if it's not the way had hoped for.  Yet.  I believe it will happen. The timing must not be right.

So, what do I do when I get a wee bit stressed? I bake.  Don't ask me why, it's just what I do.
Yesterday, I baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies (froze half the dough for a later time) and a delish coffee cake.  The cookie recipe, I'm claiming as my own because I changed the ingredients around enough that it's not the same recipe and the coffee cake came from Pioneer Women. You can get her recipe here.

And my yummy chocolate chip cookies

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