Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Girl Stuff and Insane Momma

This past week, we've taken some big girl steps in the house. On Tuesday or Wednesday, we decided it was time to put away the bottles for good.  Jesalyn really hasn't used them in the past couple of months but we had kept them out just in case (plus, who is really ever ready for their baby to grow up and be too old for bottles?)   Also, if you read my last post you know we have been throwing the idea around of getting a potty for Jesalyn for a little bit now.  As of today, we now have two potty's in our bathroom. One for mommy and daddy and a little tiny pink for baby girl.  And this could totally be a fluke but I'm gonna claim it out loud.  When we got home from buying the little pink potty, we took her into the bathroom and talked to her about it.  We showed her where mommy and daddy goes potty and where Jesalyn can go potty when she's ready.  And then we sat her on it as we talked to her.  She got on and off a few times, trying to check it out then she said down and got this weird look on her face.  Can you believe it, she peed in it the first time!  Now, it was just a little dribble, but she totally did it!!  We were so proud.  We clapped and danced and gave her a chocolate chip (she gets absolutely giddy over chocolate...she is a girl now!)  My little girl is growing up  =(

And for the "insane mommy" part of the blog.  I totally ordered me some INSANITY.   I've been wanting it for months now and I know it's super expensive but I'm getting a little bonus from work and decided to take the plunge.  Stay tuned on the topic, I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to tell y'all.


Bonnie James said...

I've never heard of this, but I hope you get an insanely hot bod!

Jamie said...

haha...thanks bonnie. I hope so too! Only 60 days. I can do this!