Friday, January 28, 2011

Potty Mouth

All you mommy (or daddy) readers out there, when is a good time to start the whole potty training thing (she is almost at 16 months?)  We have started talking about it.  I want to go ahead and buy her a potty just so it will be around and she can get use to it, and so we can start talking to her about it.  Y’know, kind of like a pre-class to the real thing.  Is 16 months too early??  She knows what potty means.  Jarrod and I are pretty open when it comes to going potty in our house (like you wanted to know that right?)  When I go into the bathroom, I’ll tell Jesalyn “mommy’s going potty.”  And if she needs her diaper changed, I’ll ask her “did Jesalyn go potty?”  and she’ll point to her diaper and sometimes she’ll even shake her head.  So, we are getting the conversation going.  That’s the first step right??  I’ve always heard that the age to start was 2. Am I jumping the gun here?

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Courtney Milburn said...

We had our potty chair at about 15 months for the same reason of getting used to it. She has not started truly going potty in it until about 19-20 months old. We are not exclusively training her until closer to 2, but we are getting her used to going it in. She will usually go about 2 times a day in the potty. She is really good with #1, but #2 she does not want to do in it yet. So in a few more months I think she will be ready to train.