Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's the thought that counts

As a working mom with a husband who can't cook (he says he can't anyway.  I think he really can, but it's either "easier" to say he can't or he doesn't know that he can) it has been difficult to have an actual warm meal on the table for supper so that we can all (I mean Jesalyn) eat healthy. If I get off work and drive straight home and start to cook a meal, it's normally not done until Jesalyn is ready for bed. So most of the time, we settle for something easy...this is almost always rice.  This also just so happens to be the one food my husband can cook really well, thanks to our restaraunt size rice maker.  The past several weeks, Jesalyn has been....let's say, "backed-up" in the potty department.  My guess is due to the lack of fiber in her diet.  So, this weekend I devised a plan.  We would eat rice the first night, and after supper I would prepare the next night's meal, full of healthy vegetables and fiber. I would do everything but cook it.  This left Jarrod with a very easy task.  All he would have to do is stick it in the oven and supper is served.  Simple right?  So, last night after supper I put all the fixin's together for a brocolli casserole.  I got it all done, in the pan, plastic on top, and put it in the refridgerator.  This morning after Jarrod had been awake for a bit (I wanted to make sure he was fully awake.  He is kind of in lala land when he first wakes up) and told him. "Make sure you listen, this is important.  The casserole is in the refridgerator, if you want the cracker topping..." I told him how to do that and then I continued "and then make sure you turn the oven to 350degrees and bake it for 45 min."  "Okay" he says.  I go to work and call him on my lunch hour.  This is how the call went:

Jarrod:  It must be nice not to have to eat.
Jamie: What do you mean?  Did Jesalyn not eat her lunch? What did you fix her?
Jarrod:  Well, she ate most of the rice but then she got a bite of the broccoli and spit it out. She wouldn't touch it after that.
Jamie:  Oh! You already cooked the casserole?  I thought we were going to do that for supper, but that's okay.  She didn't like it?!  She loved it last time
Jarrod: Wait a minute???  I was suppose to cook that?

ahhh, if he would only listen.....

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Bonnie James said...

I just now read this post. This is my analysis: Jarrod needs his butt kicked. (I feel like he can probably handle those words coming from me.)