Saturday, January 1, 2011


January 1st.  This is a day that you state your resolutions for the upcoming year.  So, here are mine.

~ Hug more ~ I might be the only one out there with this resolution. It's not that I'm NOT a hugging type of person, but I want to be one of those people that just hug.  You know the type, you get introduced to them from a mutual friend and without even asking for your name first, they give you this big, warm hug. It makes it impossible for you not to like them.  This is also to help myself.  I sometimes have a hard time making new friends because I've been told I come off "stuck up."  I'm not stuck up, I promise, I just don't know how to make small talk so the "quiet" comes off as "I'm too good to talk to you."  So, if I start randomly hugging you, know that you've been warned.  And if I don't hug you, don't take it personally. Remember this is a goal, goals take time.

~Dinner at the table ~ This is a family resolution.  Starting last month, Jarrod and I decided that we needed to start using our dinner table for something besides holding our mail.  The days are just so hectic around here, we normally just find something to eat and veg out in front of the tv.  But last month, for like a week and a half, we made a "meal" and sat at the table, all three of us, and talked.  It was nice. We definitely will be doing more of that. 

~Be more healthy~ I know, I know.  Every body on the planet earth has this one, and 84% of them don't do it (it's true, I looked the statistic up) But here's to hoping I'm one of the 16% that does. If I could just cut back on my sugar intake, that would be a good start.  I'm a sucker for something sweet for breakfast with my coffee.  If I could stop this, I might be on to something.

~Comic-Con 2011~  No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, you read that correctly. This is kind of  a resolution for my husband.  If you don't know him, he is an excellent writer.  And what he likes to write are graphic novels, aka comic books.  It's incredibly hard to break into the business of comics if you don't know anyone and there aren't many people to network with here in the midwest.  Comic-Con is this huge convention with nothing but comic book people.  It's once a year, and he has always thought it would be cool to go.  This year it is in San Diego, and I would love for him to be able to go (with me of course)....if I can get tickets (I think they sell out fast.) It's in July and I have my vacation saved at work.  Fingers crossed!  This would also be the first time either of us has flown so I guess it's two resolutions in one.

I'm going to stop there, don't want to get crazy.  Got to pace yourself right?
Here's to a wonderful, fantastic, amazing 2011!!!

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Bonnie James said...

I haven't seen you in a while, but when I do, I'm going to be ready for a hug (I'm a hugger who, incidentally, has been told I come off as a snob. So, maybe there is no correlation between hugging and convincing others of our niceness.)

Also, I love that you plan to go to CA to a convention. I would just automatically write that off as something I couldn't do. Good for you!