Monday, January 31, 2011

Jaw Update

On my facebook today I asked ya'll to say a prayer for me as I was going to the dentist to have my jaw looked at.  I had several of you send me comments and also ask me to keep you updated on what I found out.  I was going to post an update on there, but then realized it would be too long and I didn't want to be one of those people that posted 2 paragraph updates so I'm doing the next best thing.
The dentist took an x-ray of my head/jaw (one expensive x-ray I might add) to see if he could see anything, once he ruled out teeth problems.  After the x-ray developed he said that he didn't see anything blantant staring back at him but this is what he thinks it might be. 

A little pre-story here:  this morning I was eating my breakfast.  I had gotten the new fruit&maple oatmeal from McDonald's because I had a coupon for a free one. They are pretty good by the I was sitting at our sales meeting at work eating my oatmeal and bit into one of the apple pieces and my jaw popped really loud and hurt like craaaaazy!  I didn't think anything of except I need to remember to eat on the other side of my mouth.  Later, I noticed I was abe to close my jaw.  It was still really painful though.

So, I was telling the dentist all of this and what he thinks it is, is that the disc in my jaw had somehow been dislocated and this morning when it popped, it went back in to place.  He says this is still considered TMJ and gave me a referral to a specialist.  I asked him if it was necessary that I see the specialist since I don't have dental insurance (eeek) and he said he would wait and see if it gets better, now that I can actually close the jaw, but to continue taking my anti-inflammatory.  If the pain didn't go away or got worse, I should see the TMJ guy and have him look at it.    I also had someone suggest the chiropractor to me for the pain.  He didn't have an opinion on that.  I'm just crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that it all just goes away.

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Michelle Bunting said...

Hey, I've had TMJ for a little over six months now. The worst is when I yawn or sing loudly. I think it's different for everyone as far as how long it lasts. I just got some nightguard to sleep with in case mine is being caused by clenching my teeth at night. Which, I don't know that I do, but am hoping so because the next option is some $1000 splint. I just see my dentist about specialist. I hope yours goes away quickly. I know a heating pad and Ibuprofin can help on bad days. No gum or chewy foods!