Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Bug Strikes Again

I’ve been MIA this past week because, well, I’ve been sick.  It never fails, it’s seems like every time we head back to Illinois for a visit, we come back with a virus.  I’ve been off work most of the week and attempted to go back Thursday, still feeling miserable.  I was there physically but that’s about it.    And to make matters worse, poor little Jesal bear (she keeps getting new nicknames) has gotten it.  It’s heartbreaking because it shows in her eyes when she looks at you.  My little energetic ball of energy has turned into a sick little girl that just wants to lay on the couch. 
As always, before we got sick, we had lots of fun visiting family.  Here are a few pictures.

 First Taco Tierra!  This is a huge deal in my hometown. We always eat it at least once when we go home. (Notice the ponytail, aka, samurai knot)

Hanging with Grandma and Grandpa Danny and as always, trying to control the television channels

My grandparents got her this pony for Christmas. 

So, this one involves an explanation.  Her and Grandpa Danny learned a new game.  It's called "Where did it go?"  Here she is sticking a toy car down her shirt. And then she puts her hands in the air, looks around and we all go "where did it go????"  all puzzle like.  And then she grabs it out of her shirt and we all clap.  It's hilarious.  

That same night, she decided to get mommy's hat and put it on her head and pose for the camera.  She had all of us rolling in the floor laughing.

And then, we got sick....but she didn't loose her sense of humor

All, with a 102 temp.

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Bonnie James said...

First Taco Tierra is a momentous occasion. Now I'm going to have it on my mind until I can get ahold of some.