Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bad habits break hard...

...and new ones are even harder!!!

So Monday Jesalyn officially becomes a "big girl."  She will be getting up with mommy and daddy, eating breakfast, putting on clothes other than her pj's and...GOING TO DAYCARE.   Jarrod starts his job on Monday so that means Jesalyn gets to go and "play with kids her own age and have lots and lots of fun" which is what we've been telling her to get her pumped about going.  We have visited there several times so that she will get use to being there.  She seems to like the adults (the kids were all sleeping every time we went,) so I'm hoping she'll do okay, but I'll tell y'all I'm most worried about me and Jarrod.  I'm already about in tears just thinking about it and Jarrod told me the other day "I just don't know if I'm going to be able to give her up 3 days a week."  I know, so sweet right? The logic side of me knows this will be good for her. I know she's ready. She needs to learn to play with other kids and if I can be honest, I think she gets bored here at the house.  Once she gets use to it, she'll have so much fun.  But, fun or no fun, doesn't mean this momma ain't gonna shed a bucket few tears.

Also, while I have y'all here.  For any of you that have kids and also gave in to the bad habit of letting your child sleep in the same bed as you, what or how did you break it??  Jesalyn has been sleeping with Jarrod and I for oh about.....*cough cough*....four ....*cough* months *cough cough*  We tried putting her in her own bed last night and she woke up every time we laid her down.  I always said I would never form that habit with my child, but again she has made me go against everything I ever said I "would do when I have a child."  
So, for Jesalyn, and for this momma help us out with some your stories.

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