Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vision of the future

I have come to realize that my little girl might just becoming a "girly" girl =)   The past few times we have been out looking for clothes for her (and my new little niece that will be here in almost a month,) I have put her down and she goes and looks at all the racks and "ooh's" and "ahhh's."  She has really taken a liking to clothes shopping.

So, today we were out and about enjoying the almost 80 degree weather (go ahead and be jealous, and then come on down to Tennessee) and she found a shirt she liked.  She walked over to it, took it off the shelf, and screamed in delight.  Then she ran to a mirror and looked into it with the shirt up against her and smiled really big.   The shirt was way too big for her and cost too much to buy "just because."  I let her carry it around while I continued to look.  As we were leaving, I told her we had to leave the shirt at the store because we were going bye bye now.  She screamed and threw the biggest tantrum to date.  I walked her out to the car while she was crying and screaming. At that moment, I became That mother.   I immediately envisioned the same fight happening 16 years from now when I have to tell her that she can't buy that Gucci bag until she has a job of her own.  "Buttttt mommmmm!  I'll be the only at school with out one!!!"  
Fun times ahead!!

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