Monday, March 21, 2011

Mommy who??

So, we did it! All three of us.  We got through day one of daycare.  It was such a tough morning getting her ready.  I was holding back tears the entire time, but I had that smile plastered to my face so she would be excited about going.  The time came for us to leave the house, so we kissed daddy bye and took off.  I turned on some music (Adele 21 to be exact) so that she could get a quick jam session in as we drove to "school."  That girl loves her some music!  We pulled into the parking lot and I went around the car, got her out, got out her backpack and walked in determined not to cry not matter what happened in there. If mommy was okay, then Jesalyn would be okay.  I took her into her room and sat her on the ground so that she could look around and ya'll, she took off running.  She immediately found a baby and brought it over to show me. She looked around at all the toys and I could see the excited building up on her face.  "You mean, I can play with anything in the whole entire room?  You're not going to tell me not to pull on this, or get out of that?" I didn't want to drag the thing out (mostly for me,) so I told the teacher I would go ahead and sneak out.  I told Jesalyn to give me a hug.  She ran up to me and hugged me and when I sat her back down she ran and found some blocks to play with. I left the room, but peaked back through the window of the door (you can see in, but they can't see out) thinking that she would be looking up wondering where "mommom went."    She didn't even know I was gone!  I walked out to the car with a smile on my face and as soon as I turned the ignition I just sobbed.  I cried all the way to work. 

I knew she was fine and having fun, but I was so worried that at some point she would look around and realize that we weren't there and start crying.  It was probably one of my least productive days at work.   I tried not worry but that is so much easier said than done.   At about 12:00 I got an email at work. The subject line said "Greetings from Jesalyn!" I opened it up and I see this picture:

In the email it basically read.  Hi mom and dad! I'm having such a fun first day at daycare.  Love Jesalyn.

This immediately made me feel better. At least I knew at that point, she wasn't crying because I could actually see she was having fun.
Jarrod picked her up around two and the teacher said she hadn't cried all day long.  She was sweet and energetic and even took her nap on the cot with all the other kids. 
So, day one was a success.  Praying day 2 is as smooth!

Dada and Jesalyn getting ready for their big day!
Dada going to work, Jesalyn going to "school"

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