Monday, March 28, 2011

Teachers Report

Well, I knew the day would come.  The day one of Jesalyn's teachers would have to tell me what she did that day.  If you remember, I said once that I just knew I would get a note telling me that Jesalyn was disturbing the class by putting erasers up her nose.

Today I was picking her up from day care and the teacher says to me "oh my gosh, Jesalyn was cracking us up today!!"  Apparently, they sing a song about a baby bird that goes to sleep and gets really quite, and then the song goes on to sing how it wakes up and gets really really loud.  She said that when they got to the part about the bird waking up, Jesalyn would jump up, squish her face up into a tiny ball and clap her hands. She said the two teachers were laughing so hard at one point they had to stop the song to catch their breath.

 I just don't know where they would get that my daughter is funny.  I mean, it's so not like her  *wink wink*

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